Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This project is aimed at encouraging neighborhood interaction and fellowship through play and gardening. The Squash House will convert the house at 13133 Klinger into a venue for a site-specific variety of squash (or racquetball, handball, etc.). The court will integrate the inherent architecture of the space with sculptural modifications to provide a unique, artistically competitive experience for members of the neighborhood. These modifications will manifest themselves primarily through the warping and folding of interior and exterior surfaces, but will also include ‘add-on’ sculptural and architectural components. Final form of the house will left slightly open-ended, depending upon material availability, and to allow for neighborhood collaboration. 

When not in use for squash, the court will be available for art related events, neighborhood workshops, and a variety of other indoor activities. The rear yard of the house and the adjoining vacant lot will further encourage usage through outdoor gaming (badminton, volleyball, etc.), and will also be used as a community garden for squash and other vegetables.

It is intended that this project will be entirely self-sufficient. It will rely on solar and wind power for electrical needs, as well as a rainwater collection system for gardening needs. Where possible, materials for the project will be salvaged from other abandoned houses in the neighborhood that are beyond repair. 

Currently in the planning and fundraising stages, we aim to complete Squash House by September of 2012

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